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Brianna B.

Wow. Absolutely amazing. I really moved a lot of energy through me just now. Your breath ceremonies are life changing. Such a beautiful gift. I can’t wait for the next one.


Lisa Z. 

Intuitive. Compassionate. Empowering. With Lauren’s help, I’ve realized I hold the key to unlocking my blockages and challenges, creating the life of my dreams. Through her observations of my body language and breath pattern during our coaching sessions, Lauren identifies triggers and helps me dive deeper to discover my true belief system and my hang-ups. In the past year that I’ve been working with Lauren I’ve pushed myself more than I have in 6+ years…all because of Lauren’s continued encouragement and her ability to call me out when needed (she is truly skilled at knowing which avenue to take!). I cannot thank Lauren enough for helping me begin to understand who I really am on a soul-level, and for helping me feel safe to begin showing my true self and authenticity with the world. If you’re thinking about working with Lauren, stop thinking and start doing! You won’t regret it!


Jamie T. 

Lauren consciously and masterfully creates a space for those of us breathing to dive deeply into the void. Her voice becomes a place of strength and safe haven so that we can courageously explore our edges  and move beyond them into boundless space and growth.

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