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Breathwork is a powerful opportunity to grow and expand in a safe and supportive environment. This practice invites us to open all of our energy centers, to blossom open to the incredible possibilities that lie before us.

Exploring all aspects of ourselves, working through the laughter and tears, anger and fear to touch the beauty that resides deep inside each of us.

Prepare to be lit from within as we journey together through ceremonial breathwork. Using the breath to unlock stuck energy and other stresses stored in the body, allowing one to tune into their own healing needs and abilities while rediscovering your truth. 

With this simple pranayama practice participants may experience:

Ability to manifest greater abundance
• Deep healing of wounds, grief and traumas
• Accesses expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity 
• Transcend the mind and emotions
• Uproot undigested emotions & memories
• Massive stress relief and deep relaxation
• Supports the awakening to the truth of who you really are
• Access greater self-love and more loving relationships
• Rediscover Emotional Balance
• Relief from physical pain
• Increased connection to source


Lauren consciously and masterfully creates a space for those of us breathing to dive deeply into the void. Her voice becomes a place of strength and safe haven so that we can courageously explore our edges  and move beyond them into boundless space and growth.

Jamie T.

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